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Ino Icontest

for Konoha's Blonde Bombshell

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Welcome to ino_icontest! This is an icontest community devoted to Yamanaka Ino of the popular animanga NARUTO by Masashi Kishimoto. Weekly contest are held here. Two themes for each week, it can be anything from Images, lyrics, prompts and word based themes.
Your current mod is lovexyax2. Crystal_koko is currently busy with school, and i'm running the community for her.
Your banner makers are: spiritto, silverxdragon, blooming_cosmo, chained_angel13, xorli_stalkerx and light_flower.

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-Keep it friendly. Keep your drama to yourselves.
-No criticism, please. Unless stated so.
-Don't take icons without permission.
-You must be a member to submit icons although it's not strict you must also be a member to vote.
-No animated icons, and only official art work can be used! Meaning no Doujinshi or Fanarts are allowed.
-Icons must be new and fit LJ standards (100x100 and 40kb).
-Your submission(s) must remain anonymous. Do not post/use the icon(s) anywhere else until the results and winners are announced.
-Mods and bannermakers can participate in the contests.
-Up to three icons can be submitted, it must be your own creation! Do not copy tutorials and then submit.
Submission: Voting:
-As stated above, icons must fit LJ standards [100x100 and 40kb or smaller]
-Comment on the submission post, comments will be screened. Meaning that any other mod and I will be able to see the icons.
-Imageshack and photobucket can be used to host icons

submission should look like:

or you can copy this format:

Sunday: New Contest
Monday-Friday: Icon Submissions
Saturday: Submissions Stopped/ Voting Starts
Sunday: 8:00pm U.S. Eastern Time Voting Over/ Winners Revealed
(Mid-Week reminders always go out on Wednesdays)

There will be times when the community will be running a bit late, so the timeline above
will be slightly modified. Afterwards it should go back to normal.
-Don't vote for yourself, or ask friends to vote for you!
Polls will ask you to vote for a First, Second, Third and a Special Category.

Voting should look something like:

1st: 090
2nd: 120
3rd: 150
SC (Special Category): 56


090, 120, 150

voting format:

This means that you will vote for one icon once!

Every week will have a Special Category. You will be notified when voting goes up. They Are: Most Creative, Best Colors, Best Emotion, Best Crop, Best Interpretation, Best Text,
Most Orginal Design, and Best Picture.
Winners: Affiliates:
Here is a small list of the past winners of the community~
Week 01: Beauty / blooming_cosmo / ~
Week 02: Femme Fatale & Lyrical / light_flower / ~
Week 03: Two-Faced & Image Bases / titan_girl / ~
Week 04: Faceless & OTP / intoxica / ~
Week 05: Lyrical & Desire / light_flower / ~

The rest HERE!
Itching to make more icons? Why not check the community's Affiliates.
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A complete list of this community's affiliates can be found HERE
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